What to look for in workwear for harsh environments?

According to work health and safety laws in Australia, businesses must have health and safety practices in place to keep workers safe and minimise risks in the workplace. Therefore, choosing workwear is one of the important decisions managers must make.

Work clothes are not just about the style of your uniform, but also how it fits you and feels on your body. Hence, selecting the right kind of australian made workwear requires consideration of many factors to maximise productivity and minimise injuries in a work setting.

Keep reading to know what you should look for in workwear for your employees.


The ‘Made in Australia’ label is a guarantee of quality. It guarantees that the product you’re buying is made by an Australian company, using Australian materials and skilled workers. Therefore, it can be trusted to last for years without wearing out or falling apart.

 It also means more value will be added when buying Australian-made clothes since they’re designed with longevity in mind rather than quick-sale value.


Manufacturers look for ways to reduce production costs and use fewer labour-intensive processes whenever possible. They often use vintage clothing as their main material source, meaning that the clothes are made from old stock that has already been cut up and repurposed. Hence, it can reduce your costs substantially.

Product realisations

The design of product realisations makes workwear durable, high-quality products that withstand regular wear. They’re made from durable and long-lasting materials.

In addition to being durable and high quality, product realisations should also be produced in an environmentally friendly way. For example, the leather used for the sleeves of some workwear pieces will come from animal hides rather than synthetic materials like polyester or nylon since it’s more sustainable.

Heat-resistant fabrics

You should look for heat-resistant fabrics for your australian made workwear to keep you comfortable and safe while working in harsh environments. They’re made of materials resistant to heat, so they don’t melt or burn easily when exposed to high temperatures.

Some examples include:

  • Nomex is a fibreglass cloth used in firefighting gear and other protective clothing (it’s often used as a lining for Kevlar).
  • Thinsulate is an insulating material made from polyester fibres wrapped around three layers of foam insulation.


Insulation is the ability of a material to absorb or store heat. A material that doesn’t insulate can quickly become hot, while one that does will stay cooler.

Insulation is also important for people working in cold conditions, where they may have to wear heavy clothing like parkas on top of their work clothes. The thicker your layers are, the less likely you will feel warm during cold spells.

Protective gears

Workwear that is designed for harsh environments should include protective gear.

  • Safety glasses are a must in any workplace, and you must protect your eyes when working in a hazardous setting. They come in many different styles and colours, so choose one that fits your taste.
  • Gloves are necessary to ensure protection against unexpected chemical splashes. It’s best if the material on both sides of each finger is thick enough so as not to allow too much sweat through them. Another thing about gloves is how tight they should fit around your hand; try wearing them before buying so that you know how much space there needs between each fingertip’s endpoint.

Workwear can protect you from the hazards and risks of working in harsh environments. These are made of durable materials resistant to chemical exposure, other harmful substances, and injuries like burns or punctures. Workwear also provides an added layer of protection against infections, which occur more often in these conditions than on average. In addition to protecting your health and safety, workwear should be comfortable enough for long hours spent standing still at desks or walking around on concrete floors with metal casters underfoot.

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