What Is the Difference Between Foam Wash and Normal Wash?

But you don’t want to bring your car to a car wash. Do you need to wash it? The two primary options in that situation are foam wash and normal wash. Which choice is preferable? For the most part, handypersons find it challenging to respond to that question. To assist you in figuring out the most effective car new accessories and approach to washing your automobile, the experts have created this in-depth advice.

Summary of the Foam Cannon

If this is your first time using a foam cannon, you probably have questions about its operation. And the experts will try our best to respond to such car shampoo-related inquiries.

Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon

It’s crucial first to comprehend the distinction between foam cannons and foam weapons. Foam cannons are a little more straightforward; you can use them to wash your car more quickly by attaching them to your garden hose. This is your only option if you don’t have a pressure washer to foam-clean your vehicle.

But you may use a foam cannon if you have a pressure washer. Thanks to the guns and pressure washer, your automobile will quickly receive a thick layer of foam.

Who Would Use a Foam Cannon?

The primary advantage of employing a foam cannon is “efficiency.” You may produce up to 5 gallons of foam per minute with a powerful pressure washer. This not only gives your automobile good protection, but it also saves a tonne of time compared to hand washing.

Do They Have Any Drawbacks?

The major drawback of foam cannons is that they require a pressure washer. You will need to get a pressure washer if you don’t already have one. This makes it significantly more expensive than merely hand washing your automobile—a critical point when understanding the distinction between foam wash and normal wash. 

A Summary of Hand washing

On the surface, the simplest thing in the world is hand-cleaning your car. You only need some elbow grease, soap, water, and cleaning rags. But you might be shocked at what you might learn when you contrast washing your hands with utilising a foam cannon!

Careful Work

Because they can handle the car with the utmost care, many handypersons prefer to wash cars by hand. Even while pressure washers are typically safe, it’s normal to be concerned that utilising a foam cannon can harm your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about it when washing your hands.

Crannies and Nooks

Because they still uncover dirt after using foam cannons, some handymen choose not to use them. This is especially true for confined spaces that the foam cannon would find inaccessible.

You can devote as much time to each nook and crevice of your car as necessary when hand washing it. And finally, doing this is the most excellent method to ensure your automobile is spotless after washing.

Why Not Use Both?

The experts are comparing foam wash and normal wash. However, here’s a thought: why not do both?

Many handypersons have found that combining the two techniques yields the finest results while cleaning their car. To start cleaning as much as you can, utilise the foam cannon. After that, hand washes the vehicle to remove any remaining dirt.

This method requires a little more time. Nevertheless, using both approaches can be quicker than expected because of how quickly the foam cannon operate!

Is Hand Washing better than Foam Cannons?

The key question on your mind right now is if employing a foam cannon is preferable to hand-cleaning your car.

The truthful response is “yes and no.” Foam cannons are better at some tasks than others. Because of the pressure washer’s strength, they can deal with brutal filth a little bit more quickly and are faster. Of course, the cannons are excellent at covering your automobile with foam.

While using foam cannons, many people realise they missed a location and must go back and wash by hand. But you can hand wash your automobile and still get the same level of cleanliness if you take enough time and care.

Foam Cannons: Are There Any Alternatives?

You may not want to “pull the trigger” on a foam cannon. Are there any adequate foam cannon substitutes? It stands to reason. The experts have already recommended the ideal replacement, a foam gun. Aerators and foaming tips are standard components of these weapons, which attach to your garden hose.

Although more straightforward and less expensive options are available, most of them merely combine soap and water. You would then be better off washing by hand.


Although it primarily concerns personal opinion, the experts prefer the foam cannon. It is ideal for a busy handyman because it is quick, strong, and effective. However, there is nothing wrong with washing a car by hand if you don’t have a pressure washer or simply want to take your time. 

You can learn more about foam wash and normal wash by sitting with Carorbis online today.

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