Virtual Cricket Betting FAQs, You Should Read Before Playing

How does virtual cricket betting work?

Betting on virtual cricket is very similar to betting on a regular cricket match:

  • Go to the “virtual sports” section of the virtual cricket betting site.
  • Choose “cricket” from the many virtual sports listed.
  • Select a match and you will see different types of bets and virtual cricket betting odds.
  • You then select a specific result which will automatically appear on the seed (usually on the right side of the page).

Enter your deposit and bet on virtual cricket.

How is virtual cricket betting different from real cricket betting? How to Play Lagai Khai? How are the results determined?

Of course, Virtual Cricket is inspired by real cricket matches – but only in gameplay and rules. The result does not depend on the result of the actual cricket match. Virtual cricket betting sites determine the outcome of a match using software that uses a random number generator (RNG). Unlike regular sports betting, you are not facing a bookie, but rather a computer program.

What are some of the best virtual cricket betting sites?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there aren’t that many options when it comes to virtual cricket betting. However, with Lagai khai and other betting sites  to choose from, you still have top-tier options. These two are excellent options for virtual sports, especially virtual cricket betting, with their competitive odds and markets that keep things interesting.

What are the popular virtual cricket betting markets?

The following would be more relevant:

  • Match winner
  • Total four/six match
  • 1st method of dismissal
  • Overall compliance limits (above/below)
  • Total number of matches played (over/under)
  • Team Total Runs (Over/Under)

However, this is definitely not a complete list. If you feel more value in any other virtual cricket betting market, go for it. As long as you remember the basics and understand the rules of the sport, you should be fine betting on any market.

Does every bookmaker offer virtual cricket betting?

Unfortunately, no. Actually, there are not many virtual cricket betting sites. Sure, you get a range of virtual sports, but if you specifically want cricket, you might want to. In this article, we have compiled a list of more reliable virtual cricket betting sites recognized and certified by leading gambling jurisdictions such as Malta Gaming Authority and UKGC.

What are some of the better virtual cricket betting apps?

We would say that 10CRIC and Parimatch are the two top virtual cricket betting apps. Their website is equally great, offering a range of markets and impressive odds. In addition, these two bookies have two of the best cricket apps in general.

Final word by Lagai Khai

Just a few years ago, the whole virtual sports thing was still a fledgling domain. However, things changed quickly and for the better. Today, virtual cricket betting is one of the most sought after betting categories with a handful of bookies offering long odds and a decent range of markets.

Best of all, it’s an on-demand sports betting experience available 24 hours a day

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