Victorian Floor Tiles – Buying and Sourcing Reclaimed and New Tiles

If you’re interested in restoring Victorian floors, you’ll want to source reclaimed and new tile. While it can be challenging to source Imperial Soft Red Bricks, it is not impossible. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream home. You can also find some useful information about Granada Tiles and American Restoration tile.

Granada Tiles

The art of tiling is not only limited to floors. Victorian tiles are often used to create elaborate wall features, fireplace mantels, outdoor pathways, patios, courtyards, and ornamental floor medallions. Their geometric patterns are unique and can be used to accentuate contemporary and traditional homes alike. The Victorian era’s tiles are a great choice if you’re looking for a unique floor design.

Reclaimed antique tiles don’t require special cleaning equipment and can be cleaned by simply sweeping the surface to remove loose debris. If you have stains or other dirt, damp mopping will do the trick. Because they’ve been sealed and preserved over the years, they can easily be cleaned with a mild all-purpose cleaning solution. To clean them, however, avoid applying soap, as it can damage the surface.

American Restoration tile

When choosing the right ceramic tile for your Victorian floor, authenticity is key. American Restoration tile is a leading provider of authentic Victorian and Art Nouveau Kandla Grey Smooth Sandstone. The company has been a part of many restoration projects, and brings that expertise to the design process. For instance, it makes tile with hand tube-lines, a popular tile style used on Victorian and Arts and Crafts fireplaces. The company also offers hex and square mosaic tiles.

Another company that is making historically correct encaustic tile is American Restoration tile. Founded in 2000, this company is headquartered in Connecticut and has an affiliate called Olde English Tile U.S.A. Several notable installations in the country are made by American Restoration Tile. Their products are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns. The company also provides custom edging and trim tile. And you can choose any size and pattern to match your Victorian floor’s existing decor.

Clay Squared

Clay Squared Victorian floor tiles are a popular option for homes in the early twentieth century. These tiles were popular with Victorians as they add a touch of style to any room. However, many Victorians are not happy with the look of their floors. To fix this, you should carefully examine your Victorian floor tiles and determine if they’re still in good condition. Broken and loose tiles are the most common faults associated with Victorian tiles. While these problems can be easily repaired, impact damage can be very destructive to the floor. If your floor has cracked or sunk under your bed, you should have it checked for signs of subsidence or settlement.

Ceramic tiles are some of the most durable historic flooring options available. However, as with any other floor covering, natural wear and tear is inevitable. Patterned encaustic tiles are particularly susceptible to abrasion. Moreover, heavy traffic can cause uneven wear. The hardness and durability of individual tiles depends on the clay mix used in their manufacture. Additionally, the dye or pigment used in the tile will affect its durability.

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