The Secrets of Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking

It is said that the secret behind the success of any business lies in the number of products that are ranking on top of a website or blog. And there is a lot of money earned by such blogs and websites that use this secret method of classifying for their benefit.

But if we talk about Amazon, we will see some new and exciting things. It is also said that there is no specific rule to rank at Amazon.This article will share the secrets behind Amazon seller rank (ASR).

So, let’s look at the basics of ranking on Amazon and what you can do to get more customers and make your products rank higher.

What is the ASR?

When it comes to ranking on Amazon, it is the rank that shows the bestselling and best-selling items from a particular category. Amazon doesn’t disclose how they come up with such a ranking, and they have always remained silent about this information.

But as per the rumors, they have done an advanced analysis on products that are ranking at the top, and their data indicates that the rank is based on the following factors:

  • The number of times an item has purchased.
  • The number of days an item is in stock.
  • The number of positive reviews
  • The average price of the item

If you are going to use this method, you need to work hard to be one of those products listed at the top. It is also suggested by some sources that if you want to become a bestseller, you should go with the low-priced option.

And to do so, you need to offer the best quality items for a lower price than the existing competitors.Here is what you can do to get more customers:

Create a fantastic and eye-catching offer.

Offer something unique to the customer that they have not seen before or don’t have any other options to choose from. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics and want to sell your products to girls, then make sure you offer them a free sample kit of your product. That way, you can make sure that they have tried your product and are confident to charge higher prices for them.

Get better images and descriptions.

If you have read this article until the end, you must be aware that there is no rule on what content needs to be posted in your description box. So, don’t just copy content from other websites and don’t worry about the range of your products; you can even use images and videos which are not your creation.

All you need to do is post content that will attract your audience to buy your products. You can even use the “Keyword Research” section to find the most searched keywords. Then, write those keywords in the title and description box.


If you want to be a top seller on Amazon, then make sure that you follow the above tips; read my other article about Top 3 Ways To Sell More Online. I am sure that you will indeed have great success with Amazon.

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