The Best iOS Games You Should Be Playing In 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Best iOS Games For 2022

Are you looking for something fun and entertaining to do on your iPhone or iPad? Look no further than the best iOS games you should be playing in 2022. This comprehensive guide will show you the best games available for iOS devices, giving you insight into the most popular and exciting titles in the Apple App Store.

From classic time-wasters to highly-addictive puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re an old-school gamer looking for something nostalgic or a newcomer to the world of iOS gaming, you’ll find the perfect game to fit your needs.

So, get ready to have some fun; here are the top iOS games you should be playing in 2022!

1. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends will be right up your alley if you’re a fan of RPGs, action, and adventure games. This online multiplayer game is set in a fantasy world. Your character is a hero on a journey to battle evil forces.

You will have the option to pick your champion at the beginning of the game. It might be challenging to decide when there are four options available, all of which are Rare. In Raid: Shadow Legends, we advise selecting Kael or Athel as your initial character. You may reach the late game with anyone.

You can journey with another player (online or offline) or go alone with AI teammates. You can also choose from different classes and upgrade your character as you go on. Raid: Shadow Legends is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, so you can play it on any device anytime.

In addition to its engaging gameplay, one of the best things about Raid is its stunning graphics. With its vivid colors, detailed characters and environments, and smooth animations, this game is a visual treat for the eyes.

2. Game of Chess

God Of Chess is a fun, 5-reel, 9-line video slot machine game. Chinese symbols represent the words win, army general, marshal, guard, and minister on this dragon online slot machine. God of Chess further expresses himself by adding a chariot, horse, piece of artillery, and soldier to complete the whole mood. You may start by wagering as little as 0.10 credits on a single slot spin when playing God of Chess.

You may now bet 81 credits across all nine lines. The incredible feature of playing God of Chess is that the slot’s wild symbol, the Jade Lion, may earn prizes in exchange for any character on the pay lines.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

You may have heard of or played the Call of Duty franchise if you’re a hardcore gamer. Now, you can play the action-packed shooter on your iPhone. In this game, you can choose from various weapons, including sniper rifles, pistols, and machine guns.

You can play with up to three other players in various modes, including Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and different kill-or-be-killed scenarios. You can also play against bots to practice your skills.

With its exciting gameplay, realistic graphics, and many cool weapons and gear, Call of Duty Mobile will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. This game is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

4. Beatstar

Are you looking for a rhythm game that’s fun for all ages? Then Beatstar is the iOS game for you.

This game is designed for one player and offers more than 100 songs, including hits from artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Cardi B. You can also create and upload your own tunes and share them with friends via social media. With its simple and intuitive gameplay, Beatstar is easy to pick up and play.

You can play along to the music with the on-screen touch pads or by pressing the keys on your iPhone or iPad’s keyboard. Beatstar is available for free on the Apple App Store.

5. 1sland

An intriguing approach to the battle royale genre is 1sland. Here, instead of attempting to eliminate every other player, your goal is to locate the lone island in a vast sea. If you find it first, you may customize the parcel of land to leave your imprint in addition to reaping the benefits.

Although it is a much more contemplative experience than your typical blaster, there is still a respectable amount of difficulty. If you want to be the one to stake your claim on the island first, there is a lot you need to learn.

Having a lot of oysters is crucial because the more you have, the more money you can spend on getting to the island first. After that, you’ll have to purchase faster boats and different upgrades.

6. Brawlhalla

The first of the five best fighting games comparable to MultiVersus is Brawlhalla, a free-to-play online combat game where players’ main goal is to battle their opponents and knock them off the stage. Players must become familiar with each character’s skills to succeed and do the most damage.

In Brawlhalla, players may choose from up to 55 playable characters, each of whom has a unique arsenal of weapons and bright, interchangeable skins. In addition, you may battle against up to 8 others online or on the couch. Furthermore, crossover characters like Lara Croft and Rayman in Brawlhalla will please Street Fighter, WWE, The Walking Dead, and popular party fighting game Brawlout fans.

Brawlhalla is a fast-paced game that’s easy to pick up and play, but it’s challenging enough to keep you engaged and entertained for hours. This game is available for free on the iOS App Store.


When it comes to entertaining yourself, there are a few better options than playing the best iOS games that you should be playing in 2022.

This comprehensive guide has you covered with a list of the top iOS games of the year. So if you’re looking for something fun to do with friends or something to help pass the time as you travel, there’s a game on this list for every occasion. With so many different games, there’s no reason to be bored with your iPhone or iPad.

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