Presenting The Macallan M Collection

The Macallan has introduced The Macallan M Collection, a variety of limited-release single malt whiskies commemorating the brand name’s acclaimed Six Columns.

The 6 Columns are the structure rocks representing The Macallan’s distinct and remarkable whiskies and consist of All-natural Colour, Mastery, Strangely Enough, Little Spirit Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks, as well as Sherry Flavoring. Click here for more information related to Macallan box set.

The Macallan M Collection features a selection of colors symbolizing these unique qualities and showing the feelings driving the brand name. The first three expressions are the 2022 editions of M and M Black and the new M Copper, which commemorates the one-of-a-kind copper stills utilized by The Macallan, given that it was founded in 1824.

M embodies All-natural Colour, an outcome of The Macallan’s dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to using the finest, 100% all-natural ingredients and sherry-skilled oak barrels. An uncommon spirit epitomizing transparency, it has developed in a handful of hand-selected barrels and encased in a handmade Lalique crystal decanter showcasing the whisky’s all-natural abundant brownish-yellow hue. M discloses the distillery’s classic sherry experienced, full-flavored character conveying notes of chocolate, abundant dried-out fruit, and flavor.

M Black stands for The Macallan’s devotion to Mastery and undeviating count on its craft. The Whisky Proficiency Team has picked rare, black-ended sherry seasoned oak casks holding peated spirit to create this unique expression. The handcrafted Lalique black crystal decanter mirrors the peat smoke within the whisky and the confidence that drives The Macallan whisky manufacturers as they wed timeless Macallan notes with peated whisky. A subtly smoky expression, it presents a rich all-natural color of golden daybreak and balances The Macallan’s timeless character with an unforeseen peated note.

M Copper shows the Oddly Tiny Spirit Stills that are a specifying feature of The Macallan’s distillation procedure. They represent a pivotal moment in whisky-making history as when most transferred to larger, higher production copper stills; The Macallan concentrated on high quality, and their unique sizes and shape assistance to focus the new make spirit, producing the rich, robust personality. Visit here for more information Macallan 1-6.

With a natural color of rotated gold, M Copper is a dynamic expression that brings the flavors developed in the stills ahead. It has a buttery; dense mouth covering and is bursting with fruitiness with a tip of sweet malty flavor. A handmade Lalique copper-colored crystal decanter likewise reflects the stills and the authenticity which drives the brand name via its commitment to innovative methods.

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