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Gears have a significant role in our lives as they provide power to our vehicles and allow us to control the speed, torque, and direction of the wheels, providing full control of our vehicle. However, to make gears function perfectly, they need to be built very precisely. The gear-making process involves a lot of steps such as hobbing, shaping, milling, etc, but these processes might leave some errors or imperfections on the gear teeth, which can affect the performance and efficiency of the gear transmission, so remove all these imperfections and provide a finishing operation gear shaving process is done.

Gear shaving is mainly done to correct errors in the index, helical angle, tooth profile, and eccentricity, and to improve the surface quality of the gear. It is done using tools like a gear-shaving cutter which removes small amounts of metal from the gear teeth by rubbing against them. These cutters are specifically designed according to the type of gear to be rubbed creating a high demand for the gear-shaving cutter manufacturer in this industry.

Different types of gear-shaving cutters

There are various types of cutters in the market which are categorized depending on the direction of the relative motion between the cutter and the gear such as

  • Conventional: This is the most commonly used cutter in which the cutter and the gear are meshed in parallel axes and the cutter moves at a right angle against its axis making it suitable for wide face-width gears.
  • Diagonal: This system is known to reduce the shaving time by up to 50% as the cutter and the gear are meshed in crossed axes, and the gear traverses at a fixed angle to its axis.
  • Underpass or tangential: This system is used for gears with small helix angles in which the cutter and the gear are meshed in crossed axes, and the gear is traversed perpendicular to its axis.
  • Plunge-cut: This system is used for gears with large helix angles in which the cutter and the gear mesh in crossed axes, and the gear is not traversed because of which it provides higher accuracy to the gears.

Gear-shaving cutters in India

Many manufacturers in India manufacture various types of tools and equipment that are tailored according to the requirements of their customers with international quality assurance. They also provide training and support services to their customers to help them optimize the use of the tools to achieve the best results along with troubleshooting assistance, and maintenance services. gear shaving cutter price may vary according to the type and size of the gear to be shaved and also upon quality and material used for making it.


Gear shaving is an essential process for producing high-performance and low-noise which are done using high-quality cutters. However, every gear requires a specifically customized cutter to provide the right shape and finish to them. By choosing the right type and size of cutter and using it properly highly efficient gear transmissions could be made.

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