Instagram handling made easier: Top 6 splendid Chrome extensions

Extensions are the amazing software programmes built on web technologies to enable customized experience of chrome browsing. Now when we come to talk about the chrome extensions, the IgTools, there are plenty of them.

Here is the roll of the most useful chrome extensions one can use and completely rely on:

  • Web for Instagram

Version of the extension: 1. 0. 1

                                 Size: 163KiB

This is one of the most rapid ways to use instagram with all the functions, from your browser. You will be directed to instagram, share pictures, videos, chat with your loved ones, check out the news feed and many more with just one click.

  • This user friendly web layout has been created with a wonderful interface.
  • DMs are fully supported on the desktop version.
  • You can download and view pictures and videos in full HD.
  • You can shoot fresh videos without any time limit and upload them directly from your desktop.
  • IGTV download is supported too!

IGTV download

  • EverLiker

Version of the extension: 27.1.4

This is a chrome extension which needs neither a login nor a password. It provides you access to like posts automatically based on hashtags you choose.

  • It lets you auto like up to 700 posts in a day
  • It is a free version.
  • You can install the paid version if you want more features, but the paid version is not necessary where in it is not worth it. The free version has almost everything you need.
  • The only drawback is that you need to keep your desktop open all the time for the auto likes.

Now you may have been thinking what is the benefit of me liking posts and not the other way round where I need to receive them for my growth! True that you might not receive likes but this is the process of organic growth. Liking posts will have many benefits like it increases your engagement, the hashtags which you choose will pop up on your suggestions and a lot more advantages.

oStories app for instagram

  • Stories app for instagram

Version of the extension: 1. 2. 9

                       Size: 635KiB

This app helps users in the advantageous use of instagram functions. This is a very reliable tool and an absolutely free extension which helps you access the hidden features of instagram.

  • It has an amazing feature of recording any live needed and download it at any point of time you stop it.
  • You can watch stories and lives anonymously now!
  • IGTV and stories can be downloaded in your computer with a single click.
  • If you have found any picture or video somewhere and want to post in on your story, you can now do it with just simple two clicks.

IGTV and stories

  • Downloader for Instagram

Version of the extension: 1.1

                       Size: 86.43KiB

This extension opens direct messages on instagram easily with just one click. One can communicate with the people they want or surf through the news feed just like how you do in a mobile app.

  • Helps save time in opening direct.
  • The features can be accessed with just a single click from your browser.
  • You can save videos or pictures from stories as well.

Downloader for Instagram

  • Inssist

Version of the extension: 23. 1. 1

                        Size: 823KiB

Here comes one of the great chrome extensions which supports video uploads without having to share your instagram password with any other third party app.

It has so many basic features for desktop like provision of dark mode, use intagram almost like you use it on a mobile app, send direct messages,  relevant hash tag  pop ups  and other advanced features like schedule carousels, pre-plan posts, multi account support, post instagram  reels and so much more!

  • Inssist auto-posts for carousels.
  • It plays a key role in planning ahead about posts.
  • Your data is perfectly secure here.
  • It is ensured that best quality photos are published with the best resolution.
  • It is absolutely ad-free!
  • Mobile app notifications are swayed while scheduling carousels.

Desktop for instagram

  • Desktop for instagram

Version of the extension: 1. 1. 3

                                  Size: 3.59MiB

This chrome extension for instagram avails the best mobile instagram look where the best can be experienced by the user. Some of the main features of Desktop for instagram, rightly as the name suggests, aim and processing activities right from the computer. Some the main features can be seen as:

  • You can play videos from your instagram feed on full screen mode.
  • It is free of ads.
  • There are no download restrictions.
  • Posts can be uploaded directly from your computer.
  • Photos can also be viewed in full screen mode.

full screen mode

These are some of the most used as well as the finest chrome extensions for instagram. In this fast paced world, who doesn’t want time to be saved and productivity to rise simultaneously? These chrome extensions will no doubt help you and your instagram journey in a very efficient way!

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