How to use Hollywood Fashion Tape

Dressing well is all about balancing the art of revealing and the art of concealing. You might have seen viral videos on social media for clothing hacks that use Hollywood tape. But is it only to keep your top from revealing too much? Here are multiple ways you can use these tapes to create the most fashionable fits!

Conceal Your Bra with a Hollywood Tape

Perhaps the most well-known use: keeping your bra hidden. You might want to wear a backless dress without going braless. Tape the top of your dress to your bra, and forget about it. The same goes for tops with a plunging neckline that reveals your inner when you don’t intend to.

Note: don’t confuse this with boob tape, which is very different. Boob tape is meant to go on your skin. Fashion tape is not!

Look More Professional in Your Place of Work

Have you ever worn a shirt that happens to be a little tighter than usual, and when you button it up, it leaves a gaping hole from the side? This can look inappropriate and distracting in the workplace. You can’t even add buttons to a work shirt or too many hooks without ruining the look, so use some fashion tape between buttons, and you’ll be good to go!

Get Rid of Weird Jean Lumps

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe that just doesn’t fit right. You’ve tried altering it, you’ve tried different sizes, but there’s just no fixing it. Fashion tape is usually strong enough to stick to denim and make it cooperate. You can create a seamless look by taping down any weird lumps that appear.

Sleeves and Collars in Place

Fashion tape keeps your look classy and flawless if you wear a top with sleeves that keep falling or a sneaky bra that loves to peep out. This is a common use. But did you ever think to use it on your collars? If you travel for work, windy days are an enemy. By the time you get to the office, your shirt no longer looks presentable! But if you tape your collars down, your shirt will maintain its structure and stay fresh throughout your work day.

Don’t be a Marilyn Monroe

A lot of skirts lift when you walk or sit. Let’s not have an accident. Pencil skirts usually have a cut in the front and the back. If you tape up this cut, you can prevent your skirt from riding up. You won’t need to constantly pull it down when you’re supposed to be paying attention to your colleague. Fashion tape also works on skater skirts. Wear tights under your skirt and tape them to the side of the skirt. You’ll never have a wardrobe malfunction again.

Accessorise Elegantly

You don’t always find jewellery that fits perfectly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look perfect. For classy events like cocktail parties, you have to look your best. That means accessories that dazzle without a hint of imperfection. Jewellery that moves around too much is not very tempting. It looks shabby and commonplace. With some fashion tape, you can secure the back of your necklace or your bracelets, so they don’t turn around or move too much as you have fun at the party.

Wrapping Up

Hollywood tape is versatile and can upgrade your fashion style, making it more classy and effortless. You can transform inexpensive clothes into ones that look right out of a designer boutique. Go from rags to riches with some fashion tape.

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