Here are some things to look out for when shopping for a high-quality custom suit

Professional tailors, designers and pattern makers take measurements. Avoid companies that ask for measurements from salespeople. Or, even worse, ask to measure yourself. Even bespoke master tailors who have spent decades measuring people might need several fittings to make a perfect garment. It isn’t easy to expect a salesperson or client who is not a professional to take accurate measurements for a tailored suit.

Each client receives a new pattern.

There are no restrictions on options. Many companies call made-to-measure suits custom (described below), but they must limit optional details (such as buttons, pockets and button stances). To keep in line with the pattern guidelines.

Making a quality custom suit can take between 3-8 weeks. It is best to find a tailor who is open to cutting different styles and willing to listen to what you have to say. Some tailors will prefer to cut suits in a particular way. This is similar to going to a barber who only cuts one type of hair. You can create mens custom suits vancouver that fit your body and personal style. You should not listen to the tailor if you hear the phrase “I’ve been in this business for XXXX years” or any other variation. Run for the hills, and go to your nearest designer retail store to get the next custom suit made to measure.

Made to Measure

This segment is the most popular in the custom suit market. This is where you can find a great fit in a suit that fits well in your existing style. Made-to-measure suits are, in essence, custom tailored suits vancouver off-the-rack suit patterns tailored to fit a particular person. Asymmetrical people tend to have asymmetrical features. Some people have one shoulder higher than the other, while others slouch or stand straight. Made-to-measure allows the existing pattern to be altered to suit these particular circumstances.

While limitations are placed to prevent the suit’s “soul” from being altered, they shouldn’t pose a problem if the cut or silhouette you love is already your favorite. Many consider Armani a genius, and he is also the Master of his brand’s signature style and design. A tailored suit can be made with minor adjustments to the fit and posture, but it will still follow Armani’s design guidelines.

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