Feel Younger With Anti-aging Serums

Anti-aging includes a process of preserving your skin’s beauty for the long run. This can be the use of serums, moisturizers & other best anti aging products which provide healthy skin, maintain its natural glow, and remove toxins.

Some arguments in the market deny the philosophy of preserving beauty, believing that it is a natural process that cannot be reversed.

However, Nutritionists and dermatologists disclose that anti-aging products preserve your skin tone’s natural shine & glow, due to which people look younger. It does not reverse your age, instead mends the effect of aging on the skin.

With age, our skin gets thicker, loses most of its fatness, and becomes elastic & rough. The adverse effect of pollution and harmful rays make skin drier and also bring wrinkles & age spots to the face. Some common reasons for damaged skin are not consuming enough liquids, too much sunlight exposure, smoking, drinking habits & other stressful activities.

Visible Signs of Aging Skin

Drier Skin

Skin dryness can result from bad weather, sun damage, harsh soap, and overbathing. Conditions like scaling, cracking, and itching can occur in any body part, including the legs, arms, and hands. In medical terms, dry skin is termed dermatitis. It is of three types:

  • Contact dermatitis is caused by contacting any unwanted substances or agents like bleach
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, caused by excessive oil production on the skin surface that creates rashes
  • Atopic dermatitis, called eczema, is a skin condition that creates scaly patches on the skin

To avoid this dry skin, you may pick MD Factor’s Ultimate Moisturizer, a facial serum rich in hyaluronic acid that gives immense protection from adverse environmental conditions.

Skin Dullness

It can be visible due to a lack of radiance and uneven skin texture, causing an inability to reflect the light. As we grow older, the production of two essential compounds, collagen, and elastin, gets slower. These two maintain the skin structure. Skin dullness depends on internal factors like lifestyle & diet and external factors like air quality and environmental stress.

You may refer to MD Factor’s Vitamin C Face Serum which gives skin an even texture and makes it smoother and radiant.

Blotchiness & Age spots

Age spots are known by other names like solar lentigines, liver spots & sun spots. These are small, flat, dark brown spots emerging in the skin areas like shoulders, upper back, tops of feet, face & back of hand due to too much sun exposure. It can be seen in adults above the age of 50 as the result of overactive pigment cells. General advice is to avoid sunlight between 2 pm-4 pm, cover up your body if you go outside in the bright sun, and use sunscreen.

To get rid of this age spot & blotchiness of the skin, you may refer to MD factors Extra White, an instant skin brightening anti-aging moisturizer sunscreen. It is chemical free, useful for all skin-type, and available for both men & women.

Open Pores

This occurs when skin pores enlarge beyond the normal range, which exposes the pores and is easily visible. Pores of the skin breathe through, releasing the natural oil and sebum. Large open pores are generally found in areas with high sebaceous glands, like the T zone of the face. Mostly, adults undergoing hormonal changes and aging skin face these problems. Common reasons for large open pores are nutrition deficiency, heredity, excessive sebum production, hormonal imbalance & acute acne.


These are evidence of aging, visible in the neck, face, hands & forearms. It can be caused due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, age factors, smoking, and disturbed sleep cycles. In order to protect your skin from wrinkles, avoid smoking, moisturize your skin, gently massage with lotions, follow a healthy diet and take adequate sleep.

For wrinkle-free skin, you may look at MD Factors Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging Cream, which effectively works for wrinkles and pores. It is a paraben and hydroquinone-free cream suitable for all skin types.

Fine Lines  

These are small creases on the skin, termed the starting phase of wrinkles, as they are closer to the skin’s surface, whereas wrinkles are present in the deeper layers of the skin. One can recognize it if one finds too many repetitive small lines across the skin’s surface. As we age, elastin and collagen fibers degrade with time and create fine lines and wrinkles on the surface. The use of moisturizers & chemical peels made up of natural elements can help prevent fine lines.

Some Healthy Tips to Cure Aging

  • Manage your stress level
  • Exclude too much salt from your diet
  • Avoid smoke and drinking
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants
  • Do not use hard pillows
  • Use natural serums and moisturizers
  • Reduce sugar intake in the food
  • Hydrate your skin and drink enough water
  • Excessive face exercise can make skin looser

MD Beauty & Wellness is a recognized brand that works for men’s and women’s wellness & skincare, with the best anti-aging products. They believe in the formula of anti-aging and come up with products like MD factor Vitamin C Face Serum that effectively reduce dryness, moisturize the skin, and work for age spots and wrinkles. It includes natural ingredients such as L-Ascorbic Acid, Ergothioneine, and Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract.

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