Decorative Designs In Your Occasion That Can Also Be Beneficial To Your Guests

There will always be cards above the tables in any event with occasion-specific tables where you can view an overview of the entire thing. While some people think that the best approach to create place cards is to use a free printable place card creator, this post aims to provide impartial, comprehensive, and helpful instructions. This is due to the fact that certain events—particularly lavish weddings like those seen from those reality show kings and queens—should have a decorative vibe, as they are known to have this very extravagant life as they are perceived as rich influential individuals that can be seen by the public eye. Everything should be filled with detail, and place cards especially shouldn’t be out of place.

Decorations That Can Guide Guests

At major occasions like weddings and banquets, visitors utilize place cards, which are often little pieces of paper with stands or sticks attached. These place cards usually have the guest’s name and table number on them along with a chic design. Usually, they mesh well with the event’s overarching subject. Although place cards aren’t needed at every event, you may decide if yours will require them by following these guidelines.

Does One Need Place Cards?

Prioritize your seating arrangements by first determining whether or not place cards are necessary. You’ve just marked another item off your list for the wedding program, so stop reading and head to the celebration. You don’t need place cards even if your visitors have reserved seats. Another thing to consider is a seating chart.

Another simple sheet of paper has a list of all your tables on it, as well as a list of the people seated at each one. If you have no reason not to use place cards, seating charts, which are generally less expensive and simpler to make, could be an ideal substitute. However, they can also work in tandem to assist your guests in choosing their table on their own.

Comparing Escort Cards with Place Cards

You can send your wedding guests to their tables in a few different ways. Place cards and escort cards are your two options if you want to use individual cards with names on them.

This simply means that place cards indicate the guests’ precise seating arrangements as listed on the guest list, whereas escort cards just provide the guests with a certain letter or number corresponding to the seat they have reserved. This can be useful, particularly for people who prefer to be sitting comfortably.

The primary distinction between place cards and escort cards is this. Place cards are usually available ahead of time on the tables. Place cards typically include a seating plan since you don’t want your guests to be bouncing from table to table looking for their names. The “place” and “escort” cards have unclear language, although it doesn’t really matter. While “place card” is a more general term that often refers to both types of cards, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably on websites.

For this reason, the attendees at your events should always come first. Since they are the ones who know what to do, especially with regard to the kind of event you want to host, you may also speak with the organizer you have engaged for the occasion.

Comparing Tent and Flat Cards

Most likely, your place cards will be tent-shaped or flat. Place card holders are typically used in conjunction with flat place cards, which are simply that—flat. This is easy to overlook and occasionally goes unnoticed by visitors as they make their way to their destination. Conversely, tent cards are meant to be folded in half and used as a standalone object. However, they should both examine more closely to see if they are the guests’ assigned seats. Tent cards’ primary benefit, though, is that they may be assembled on a table without the need for additional holding materials because they are self-contained. If you have the time and means to be more creative with your place cards, place card holders are a great way to liven up your event. It all comes down to personal preference, so if you are aware that your visitors would prefer to be seated in advance, make sure the numbers or signs are visible.


If you value the handwritten touch to your design or theme, calligraphy is also a great option for your cards, particularly if you already know how to do it yourself or have the money to hire someone else to do it. Usually available online and in stationery stores, blank cards that can be written on are also sometimes provided by the writers themselves; all you have to do is pay for them. Although doing the calligraphy alone or with a friend is still an option, it will be less expensive and provide an opportunity for you to spend quality time together. Be prepared to pay $1 or more each card if you want the cards done appropriately. Prices vary greatly. You can find local calligraphers by searching Google or Etsy, which is an excellent online resource.

A Collection of Place Card Designs

For those who wish to make printable place cards, you will typically need to use a template that you have made, bought, or made yourself. Many websites can assist you in this situation. Please feel free to search through the many free ones that Google continues to provide. On our website, there are online stores that offer a variety of both free and premium designs. These designs enable for automatic layout and card generation, as well as complex font and color customization through the use of their automatic place card maker. The names must be manually entered into the template; alternatively, you can use Publisher or Word if you know how to mail merge.

Paper With Cards Adhered to It

The last alternative is to order printed place cards; typically, you send your guest list and wait for the cards to arrive. Some people utilize this for commercial purposes, but since physical cards need to be mailed to you and are usually more costly than digital cards, you will need to make plans for this or pay a significant shipping premium. Printed cards, on the other hand, could be more expensive but have a superior overall quality. You can be certain that they will live up to your expectations and be excellent.

Place Card Sizes

There are many different sizes and forms for place cards and place card layouts. But according to our experience, the most basic and adaptable arrangement uses six tent cards (or twelve flat cards) per standard letter-sized sheet. If you select this design, your finished cards will be around the size of a business card (5.5 x 8.5 cm, or 2 x 3.5 in.). This size is also used by many calligraphers, templates, and print products. The proportions of your place cards will always rely on the style you choose, particularly if there will be decorations on them. Try to make your decorations stand out without being overly garish.

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