An Outlook on False Eyelashes and How to Use Them

False eyelashes are a brilliant way to add some drama to a look. They can make one look more awake and instantly change the whole appearance. Still, many different types of false lashes are out there, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Many brands like Ardell Lashes sell quality lengths in different styles for customers to choose their favourites and use them from the comfort of their homes. To avoid errors, one must thoroughly understand how to use them before application. Here is everything one needs to understand about them.

How to Apply False Eyelashes
  • Ensure the lashes are clean, dry and clear of any oils or makeup products on the lash line that could interfere with the glue adhesion or cause irritations while removing them later. Many people use oils for eyelash growth. Ensure cleaning them before application.
  • Use a lash applicator tool (not tweezers) to apply false eyelashes; this helps ensure they do not stick together before applying them to the lash line, which can result in gaps between individual lashes around the perimeter of the eyes.
  • Apply glue only to the backside of false eyelashes—never let it get near your actual lashes because it will irritate them if left on too long!
Understand the different styles of false eyelashes.

There are three main styles of false eyelashes:

  • Short, straight lashes. Try these out if one has naturally thick and long eyelashes! They give the eyes a distinctly fuller look.
  • Long, curly lashes. If the eyelash hair is already pretty long and curling up at the ends—or if one is looking for something dramatic—this style will work best for them! It is great for beginners because it is not too hard to put on or remove.
  • Medium-length curled lashes with a bit of curl at the end (also known as ‘half-moon’). This type of lash is fabulous if one wants something elegant but natural-looking, too; they can help make those eyes pop without being too bold or overstated.
Find a style that complements your eye shape.

False eyelashes come in a variety of styles. One can buy individual lashes, pre-packaged sets, or even fake lashes already glued onto an adhesive strip. These are the easiest for beginners due to their simple application and usage necessities. Choosing the best shape of eyelashes is necessary to match the face better.

If one is not sure which style will suit the eyes, consider these tips:
  • Look for natural-looking lashes with realistic hair instead of those that are too dramatic or made with synthetic materials (such as fibreglass). These may look too fake and unnatural for the face shape.
  • Search for a subtle curl style that matches the curl of the natural eyelashes so that it does not look like someone else’s eyelash has been stuck onto one’s own each time one applies them.
  • Look at how long they are compared to what comes naturally from the eye socket—the length should match up pretty closely so as not to make it obvious something isn’t right when looking close up. One must apply mascara after this process to elongate them and make them seen since this process makes them look natural and realistic.
Always apply glue to false eyelashes, not the actual lash line.

Apply the glue to the false eyelashes. Applying it inside the eyes will cause irritation and discomfort, while around the eye can cause blindness if one accidentally gets some in there. Also, don’t apply any of this stuff to the natural lashes or brows—you could end up with clumps of glue on those areas. One could also rip off their natural lashes while removing the fake ones.

You can choose a well-tested product from reputed brands such as Ardell Lashes so that it is suitable and safe for your eyes and makes you look beautiful.

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