Abroad for Valentine’s Day? How to Treat Your Partner from a Distance

If you’re away from your partner this Valentine’s Day, don’t let the distance put a wedge between you. You may be off on a big trip, or even traveling for work. What remains the same regardless of why you’re apart is that you need to show them that you’re thinking about them and that you want them to feel special and loved. This applies to all kinds of relationships.

Order Gifts Direct to Their Door

The internet has meant that it’s never been easier to send gifts directly to your loved ones, no matter where they’re located. It’s so easy, this tip is step one. Organize for a florist to come and drop off a stunning floral arrangement, or even a delicious Valentine’s Day chocolate box, depending on their tastes. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. If they’re not one for the traditional Valentine’s Day fare, you can think outside of the box and get them something they will enjoy.

Order a Meal In

Many restaurants now offer full meal kits so that food can be prepared perfectly, just as if you were in the restaurant itself. If your partner is planning on staying in for Valentine’s Day and isn’t going out with friends, then this is the best way to get them to enjoy a great meal with minimal effort.

Of course, you could also pick out a recipe and have the ingredients delivered. This way, you can both prepare the same meal, so when you call in the evening you can share in the taste and experience, even if you’re far apart.

Work with Their Plans

They may have an idea of what they want to do for Valentine’s Day since you’re not there already. They may be planning a girl’s night out or to watch a game. Always work with their plans in mind, and be as flexible as possible. You can organize to watch a movie together over video chat before you make or eat dinner so that they have time to then get ready to go out.

How to Be Fun and Sexy Over a Distance

If you want to make things romantic and sexy, then be prepared to guide your partner through the experience. A game is a great way to make phone sex or, in today’s world, video sex more appealing and fun. Play strip poker, for example, or a drinking game. Games help break the ice and can help direct the evening to where you and your partner feel comfortable pleasuring yourselves, for each other.

Organize Something Special for When You’re Back

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is just a day. It’s one that many people use to spend time with their significant other so that they both feel connected in their relationship. Except for the décor, there’s nothing that cannot be replicated to great success once you get back home. Organize a great date from start to finish, and you’ll more than make up for being away on Valentine’s Day.

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