A Quick Overview of the Tash Wala Game

One of the oldest card games ever to be enjoyed by Indians is Tash, or known as tash. It has been enjoyed for a long time and its popularity is due to the fact that it can give players real money.

In this card game version of tas, players are presented with a deck of cards that are indistinguishable from one another. There are even polishes on each side for extra interest! Players who follow the rules will never doze off whilst playing this endlessly entertaining game.

Table tash is common in casinos because the opponents can see each other’s cards and it’s a fun way to play. There are many other variants of table tash including card tash, dice tash and knock out table tash.

But don’t worry, this game may be addictive and playing it will make you a professional. There’s a chance in playing this tash wala game that you could end up becoming a world-class player earning lots of real money.

In taaswala games, there are 50 cards divided into four suits – diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts. Each suit has 13 cards. The suits will consist of thirteen cards that are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ace King & Queen .

The Origins of the Tash Game

The invention of playing cards originated in ancient China. They were found during the Tang dynasty (618-907) as early as the 9th century. The first known book on cards called Yezi Gexi was written by a woman and commented on by Chinese writers over time.

During the Ming dynasty, there were a large number of playing cards that were featured prominently on the fronts of cards. These days, the current set of cards are widely popular and are being used throughout Asia. In particular during the 11th century, they could be found across Asian countries.

Tash games that you can play online for real money

There are some popular online tash games that you can play for the chance to win a prize. Which one should you be playing?

  1. Poker Games

If popularity is the only factor being used for gauging quality, Poker seems to be one of the highest rated card games. As we mentioned earlier, Tash is popular with poker players for their skills in the casino and other card games. If poker is the game being played, ranking the hands at a table requires five hands. After ranking all five hands, ten ranks (the maximum number of cards) will be used to determine the winner of the hand.

2.  Rummy Games

Rummy is a card game for two to six players that falls under the games category, tash wala. To win a game of online rummy cash games, one has to maintain an orderly arrangement of cards and collect sets. You can play Rummy online and win real money. It’s so popular that it gives you both the sense of challenge and fun, which is why it’s so commonly played.

3.  Call Break Games

One of the best Tash wala card games on the market is known as Call Bridge or also called Call Break. Games like Call Break require a good judgement, skill set, and some tricks to win over an opponent/s.

As an extension of the regular game, single-player option mode also comes into play. Read the guidelines and rules thoroughly prior to playing the call break card game. Implying that Call Break is one of the toughest card games available out there, many card purists think it’s terribly challenging. It’s just a myth, though.

If you use strategy, practice regularly, and play soundly without losing your money, you might succeed in making some money too.

Call break users need to be highly skilled in order to maintain the title of a pro-call break player. Players who use skill to win over their opponents shouldn’t let the title go to their heads, but it should be noted that they apply well and don’t get so caught up in their game play that they forget about their skill set

  • Solitaire Tash Game

In order to win a game of Solitaire, one must put all the cards into the Base piles. The order is sent by suit and rank, and it’s up to you to get them into that particular order i.e., Ace 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen & King.


In recent times, new online tash games have begun to surface. With multiple apps like AIO Games offering real money payouts, these games are becoming popular among card lovers.

It’s impossible to deny that tas wala game remains one of the most important components and with technology advancing at a rapid pace, tash wala game is in for the ride too.

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