A Guide to Planning a Funeral

No matter whether your loved one ever discussed their end-of-life desires or not, planning a funeral will always remain a draining or tiring process. However, with a proper strategy and agenda in place, the funeral planning process would not be massive and shattering. There is a list of goods, logistics, and services that are a part of traditional funeral service and must be present at every funeral.

Some of those things can be arranged on time but for some, one needs to pay even before death to decrease the burden on the grieving family members and relatives. In this article, we have put together a basic guide about planning a funeral without much stress.

1.      Locate any Pre-Arrangements

At the time of funeral arrangements, it is necessary to locate any previous information like if your dear one had made any arrangements before like buying funeral insurance, funeral plots payment, or simply writing down their desires regarding memorial services. Contact the funeral homes your dear one might have used for prepaid or pre-arranged funeral arrangements. The more advanced one was about making decisions, the less stress and cost it would cause for the family.

2.      Compile Information for the Obituary

Contact the kin about the personal details of the person who has passed. The personal details must include the date of birth, death, information about children, spouse, grandchildren and any work details, etc. In case the services you offer are open to the public, mention the date, location as well as time. Mentioning the cause of charity to receive donations will be appreciated by the family and friends.


3.      Select a Funeral Home

One of the most suitable methods available to choose a funeral home is based on the references of friends, family, and close ones. These recommendations are very useful in figuring out a funeral home provider who might fit your needs and requirements. Once you have received the options, try to contact them and discuss your budget and wishes. Then select one which is up to your requirements.


4.      Select a Casket

The chosen funeral home might help you pick and purchase a suitable casket. However, you can also get the casket of your choice from any other place in the market. Funeral homes are mandated to use the casket that the people might have brought from somewhere else. They can not charge you for using it in their service. However, the caskets used may vary based on the material, designs, and finishing.

5.      The Day of The Funeral

If you think the emotional sentiments are too heavy and won’t let you drive, then take the help of friends, family, and neighbors who might recognize your state of grievances. Reaching out for help is a better option than getting yourself in any dangerous situation. The help anybody provides, always be grateful and mention their help at post-funeral gatherings. The clothing of the person being buried needs to be selected. Besides that arrangement for photos, videos, and posts, service meals must also be made.

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